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Bunny Hunt 5 years ago 0
Angry Birds Transformers is an action game in two dimensions in which players control a hybrid between Angry Bird and Transformer, with which they will have to try to recover stolen by the Decepticon, which have merged with evil green pigs eggs. The gameplay of Angry Birds Transformers has nothing to do with the usual mechanics of the franchise Angry Birds .Instead, this is a shooter game in two dimensions in which players will have to point and constantly shoot. Our protagonist will always be running forward (left to right of the screen), so that the work of the player consist in pointing the finger where we want to shoot. We can point directly to our enemies … but we can also shoot their structures to make them fall in the style of Angry Birds . As usual with games of Rovio, the visuals Angry Birds Transformers is fantastic, with models in three very detailed dimensions. Even the aesthetics of the game, which sounds strange mix between birds and Transformers , is attractive. Angry Birds Transformers is an action game simple, fun and addictive, like almost all the games in the franchise. This time, moreover, we can try a new game system, although not particularly original, is certainly appreciated.
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