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Within the last ten years greater than 27 million individuals have switched from cable and also over-the-air TV to satellite TV. But is satellite TV really much better?

Let us discover ...

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is really a television system whereby a broadcast center transmits an indication that contains TV programs to some satellite in orbit over the earth. Visit us at directtv.com for more information on the best deals on direct tv packages.

The satellite captures the signal and transmits it to earth, where it's acquired with a satellite dish and relayed to some TV set.

To be able to get a satellite TV signal you'll want a satellite system -- a dish to capture the signal, along with a receiver to unscramble the signal and send it for your television.

Satellite TV History

In 1962, the very first satellite TV signal was sent from Europe to The United States through the Telstar satellite. The very first first commercial satellite, Early Bird, was released in 1965, and Satellite TV reception within the U.S. started in 1980.

Early satellite TV systems were costly, costing between $2,000 to $10,000. The bathroom were large -- ten to twelve ft across -- and also the devices and antenna rotators were bulky and complex.

In 1994 the very first DBS (direct broadcast satellite) was put in orbit, giving in the time of the small dish and also the slim-line receiver, which makes it feasible for anybody, even apartment tenants and condo proprietors, to possess satellite TV.

Satellite TV Companies

You will find two major satellite TV companies within the U.S.A -- DIRECTV and DISH Network.


With 14.5 million clients, DIRECTV may be the earliest and biggest satellite TV provider in the united states.

DIRECTV is rated #2 in client satisfaction of all satellite and cable TV companies by J.D. Energy and Affiliates.

DIIRECTV provides the following equipment and services:

* A Totally Free satellite TV system -Body dish and 4 devices.

* Free installation and instruction on how to use the machine.

* 250 channels with digital-quality picture and seem.

* 500 commercial-free movies monthly.

* As much as 67 pay-per-view programs and occasions daily.

* 67 commercial-free XM radio channels.

* Toll-free, 24/7 customer support.

DIRECTV provides the most sports programming of these two satellite TV companies.

DISH Network

Using more than 12 million clients, DISH Network may be the second-earliest satellite TV provider, and it is the quickest-growing provider.

DISH Network is rated #one in client satisfaction of all the satellite and cable TV companies by J.D. Energy and Affiliates.

DISH Network provides the following equipment and services:

* A Totally Free satellite TV system -Body dish and 4 devices.

* Free installation and satellite TV system instruction.

* 256 channels with digital-quality picture and seem.

* 500 commercial-free movies per month.

* As much as 60 pay-per-view programs and occasions each day.

* 50 commercial-free Sirius radio channels and 52 music channels.

* Toll-free, 24/7 customer support.

DISH Network has got the greatest number of movies and shows of these two satellite TV companies, while offering the least expensive fundamental service package.

Satellite TV Sellers

You will find greater than 80 online sellers and 1000's of offline sellers over the U.S.A.

Some sellers are trustworthy and provides you with a genuine deal, but numerous sellers will lure you into signing up for their service, then hit you with hidden costs, offer you shoddy installation, and provide you with zero customer support.

Before you decide to sign up for a satellite TV service, you need to read their service agreement carefully and call their customer support to explain something that is not obvious for you.

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Satellite TV Benefits

The primary advantage of getting satellite TV service is that you could access as much as 375 channels of TV programming. That provides you plenty more viewing options than cable or higher-the-air TV.

Additionally to regular TV programming, satellite TV enables you to definitely tune into pay-per-view movies and special occasions, and to hear greater than 100 channels of business-free music on satellite radio.

Another advantage of satellite TV is the standard from the TV picture. Satellite TV is broadcast in gifs which creates a super sharp picture. Furthermore, you will find the choice of ordering HD (high definition) TV for a much more realistic picture.

Another advantage is the opportunity to record your preferred programs and also to pause or fast-forward live TV utilizing a Digital recording device (digital dvr).

Last, although not least, you receive all of the equipment you have to view satellite TV, including installation, totally free.


For those who have over-the-air TV and do not watch much television then satellite TV most likely is not for you personally.

If, however, you watch lots of TV or else you have cable TV, i then recommend hitting the hyperlinks below to determine what satellite TV needs to offer.

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